The American Dream v1.1

On the hunt. I picked up a scent today, lots of tracks leading in all different directions, but which one to follow? I’d let my companions do the tracking for now, Elsa and Michelangelo were the perfect subjects to lead the expedition, there’s something about the intuition of a child that can seem to pull you in the best directions at times like this.

I’d have to give in completely, dawning my suit a cowl and the right attitude I took the princess and the turtle and we were on the move. Navigating their way through the streets of Small Town USA and down the red brick side walks I followed closely behind taking it all in. The Constabulary of the night had blocked off the best parts of town to allow the free reign of terror to rule the day. There’s something to be said about the Mid-West and their patriotism to go all out, veterans day, Christmas, Halloween etc. Spared no expense, small town living with deep pockets, the kind you’d think you could only see on T.V. Housewives of unearned wealth county. “Twik o Tweet” and BAM you got a hot dog and some candy, moving next door the same pass phrase got you more candy and a Twinkie! “Fank you, Happy Hawoween”.

Everyone was smiling, exchanging pleasantries, complementing each other on their false identities, the climate was great, a perfect day. I continued to follow the princess and the turtle, one got cold the other was dissatisfied with his current booty, adjustments were made and we marched on. I felt it tonight, “The Perfect Day”, but how to replicate it? No, not possible, there would be more days but to truly find it I can’t stop searching now, I’ll go over the edge into the depths to beyond and back if necessary. To truly appreciate it, it must be found, probably wherever X is, it does always mark the spot does it not?

Enjoy “it” while “it” is happening, put the facebooks down and stop trying to upload it to “your space”, it’s right in front of you. Blink and it’s gone, but by god I’ve got 78 pictures to prove it happened.

American Dream – “social ideal that stresses egalitarianism and especially material prosperity”

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

No, no, that won’t do, it’s not simple enough. Or is it?


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