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Veterans Day Blues

They’ve gone and done it, and I let them come over the wall, through their high powered magnifying glass they shot at me with questions, I returned fire. I was having quite a bit of anxiety about it but the reporter was cordial and not pushy, talking about the last eight years always brings up a bit of fear and loathing but it’s free therapy and if even one person reads it and gets help then good.

How can we beat the stigmas surrounding PTSD? Keep talking about it.


Thanks You!

I always got bothered when people said thank you for your service. Instead of going into detail I would just nod and say thank you back, sometimes I might say thank a teacher or a nurse. Still it bugs me, maybe is the cynic in me or just years of being jaded by my efforts, hard to figure it out, so uh……yea, thank a Soldier, definitely thank a nurse or a teacher! But please don’t thank me.